PTA Reimbursements

Pierce Downer PTA Reimbursement Guidelines

PD PTA Co-Treasurers

Ann Marie Powers – responsible for managing our annual budget.

Erika Nelander – responsible for all check requests and monthly budget reports.

If you paid for something out of your own pocket and require reimbursement* from the PTA, you will need to complete a check request form and include an invoice or receipt of what was purchased.  Click here for the check request form.   Hard copies of the form can be found in the PTA Treasurer folder in the school office.  Completed forms should be dropped off in the PTA Treasurer folder in the school office.  

Tax Exempt Letter

The PTA cannot reimburse you for any sales tax on items you purchase.  The Pierce Downer PTA has a tax exempt status with the state.  This means that you will not have to pay sales tax when you are purchasing supplies or anything for the PTA if you show this letter to the retailer.  A hard copy of this letter can be found in the back of the PTA Treasurer folder at the school.

Paying an Invoice

Complete a Check Request Form 2022-2023 form to have a check made out by the PTA to pay the invoice.  Please don’t pay the invoice with your own check or credit card unless time is of the essence.  All invoices from companies should first try to be paid via a PTA check.  The PTA Treasurers are not responsible for mailing checks for payment.

If you have to go to the store to buy supplies.  How do you pay for that?

Use your own credit card/cash and then submit the receipt for reimbursement by completing a check request form.
When will you get your reimbursement check?

One of the PTA Treasurers will pick-up all check requests on Thursday of each week and have checks written on or before Friday of that same week.  Checks will be dropped off with the secretary at the school the following Monday.

*All reimbursements must be pre-approved by a board member.