6/7/22 Weekly Email

6th grade Breakfast, tomorrow June 8th at 9:00 AM (Please note updated time) – We are excited to celebrate our 6th graders tomorrow morning from 9-11am with our annual 6th grade breakfast in the school gym. We are looking forward to showing the 6th grade students some love and appreciation as they exit Pierce Downer for Middle School. Congrats 6th graders!
LAST CALL! All School Yearbook – The Pierce Downer 2021-2022 Yearbook can be ordered now! Visit the link below to order your yearbook; cost is $14.50. The books will be delivered in late June or July; keep an eye out for an email or text message to coordinate porch pick-up or delivery. Any questions? Call Karen Corrigan at 773-860-8110 or email at

Please Click HERE to Order!! 

Summer Math Club – We are still in need of 2 more volunteers to help with the Summer Math Club. You will be at the DG Public Library during your shift and help direct students, hand out prizes, etc.  Please click on this SIGNUP if you can help! This is a very easy and FUN way to help our students continue to learn during the summer months! Any questions, please contact Karen Beechler at

CLOSING SOON! School Supply Kit Ordering – Don’t forget to order your 2022-23 school kits from Bright SchoolKitz via their website at  Review this FLYER for ordering details, pricing, and lists of included & optional items for each grade level.  Please order for your child’s next fall school gradeOrder today through July 20th (NO late orders can be accepted). Please note prices INCREASE after June 6th. If you have any questions, please reach out to Susan Plocher at

Save the date – The first New Family Playdate will be held June 29th at Hoopers Hollow from 5-7pm. Rain out date is June 30th.

Save the date – Back to School Party will be held on August 23 from 5:30-7:30pm.  Please see FLYER for additional information!


The PTA could not accomplish all of the programs, events, and services for PD without your help!  We would like to take this opportunity to recognize the following committees/volunteers who we did not thank previously.  Many of these committees work behind the scenes on a daily or weekly basis without recognition:
Thank you to Melissa Odenbach, Melissa Poirier, Nicki Blattner, Amy Romsey, Katie Collins, Deb Klacko, and Kim Bozek for volunteering for the 6th grade breakfast. In addition, thank you to Mariah Cameron for creating the 6th grade yearbook and to her committee Margaret Cho, Kelly Henrickson and Karen Mellen for their help. Also, thank you to Lisa Henrickson for creating the 6th grade DVD.  They worked tirelessly to make such beautiful keepsakes and a memorable breakfast for our 6th graders. 
Thank you to Melissa Inboriboon, Susan Plocher, Heather Paulis, Kelly Rakers, and Kristy Pauley for volunteering to serve at the 6th grade Breakfast.  
Thank you to Jamie Moss and Jana Sutherland for coordinating and organizing the Art Awareness program!  
Thank you to Victoria Jacknow for coordinating the Charleston Wrap fall fundraiser.
Thank you to Victoria Jacknow for coordinating spirit wear this year. 
Thank you to Vicky Farag and Shirley Tully for chairing Fun Lunch this year.  Also, thank you to the many volunteers that help with Fun Lunch.
Thank you to all of the volunteers that help in the Lunchroom and at recess and passing out snacks and lunches to the students this past year.  Also a big thank you to our Room Representatives.
Thank you to Karen Beechler for organizing the Summer Math Club.
Thank you to Amy Hancock who served as our Reading Games liaison this year.
Thank you to Ami Johanson and Kristine Hocking who served as our STEAM committee this year.
Thank you to Kara Morissey and Beth Riley for coordinating the New Family playdates. Also a big thank you to Natalie Wilson, Ashley Esko, Jess Flanigan, Becky Carson, Brian Martino, Kelsey Wendell, Ashley Shields, Leigh Anne Larsen, Heather Paulis, Kelly Rakers, Laura Shepard and Paul Desruisseaux for being on the committee.
Thank you to Victoria Jacknow for handling the PAWsome yard signs and all the volunteers that placed them on lawns.  
Thank you to Bill McCarty for chairing the DGN Scholarship Program this year. Also a big thank you to Mariah Cameron, Kelly Henrikson and Elizabeth Dean for volunteering to score. 
Thank you to Mary Purcell, Jennifer Hearne and Natalie Wilson for decorating the student birthday board all year.
Thank you to Gina Harrison, Megan Altholz, Kelly Rakers and their committee for coordinating the book fair. 
Thank you to the Service Learning Committee members Jennie Amidei, Carin Hawkins, Melissa Inboriboon, Jordan Skarr, Megan Skarr, Leigh Anne Larsen and Mimi Modica for helping our students connect with individuals and families in our community with activities throughout the year.
Thank you to our Sunshine Lady, Kelly Henrikson, for coordinating all the Sunshine activities for our school families, staff, and crossing guards this year.
Thank you to Susan Plocher for coordinating the ordering of school supply kits.  
Thank you to Nicki Blattner for chairing School Copying and all of the volunteers that perform copying at the school. 
Thank you to Lindsay Frost for organizing our classroom subscriptions.
Thank you to Kelly Meyer for updating our outdoor message board this year.
Thank you to Kelly Henrikson and Carrie Garman and their committee for doing an amazing job with Artcot this year.
Thank you to Karen Mellen for the wonderful all-school yearbook she produced.
Thank you to Kelly Henrikson, Kelly LarsenKatie Hardy and the Healthy Kids Committee members for giving their time year-round to keep our kids physically active, nutritionally aware, and engaged in helping the environment.
Thank you to Victoria Jacknow and Jen Meggos for coordinating Teacher Appreciation Week.
Thank you Jen Meggos and Liz Rossi for chairing our Fall Fest this past year and all the volunteers that helped at the event.  
Thank you to Jen Meggos for coordinating volunteers for Field Day and Erika Nelander for assisting with set up.
Thank you to Erika Nelander for chairing the Sweetheart Dance and her committee members Francesca Rabchuk, Lisa Reed, Vicky Farag, Jen Meggos and Rachel Weninger for their help making such a memorable evening so special.  
Thank you to Lisa Henrickson for running Panther Pacers, and all of the volunteers that gave their time to run it during lunch.
Thank you to the Battle of the Bands committee Mariah Cameron, Matt Garman, Allison Heverin, Sarah Scholz, Kelly Henrikson, Amy Hancock, and Jennifer VanHoutan for making this year’s Battle of the Bands such a success. 
Thank you to the Welcome Back Party chair Jennifer Hearne. In addition, a big thank you to all of the volunteers that helped at this event back in August.
Thank you to the End of Year Party chair Renee Moomey and her committeeAshley Esko, Jen Hearne, Beth Riley and Kelsey Wendell.  In addition, we have yet to thank the volunteers that assisted with the party, namely Courtney Askar, Molly Ahitow, Teri Dhein, Vicky Farag, Jessica Flanigan, Lindsay Frost, Mackenzie Gapastione, Pasquale Gapastione, Carin Hawkins, Jenny Lytle, Becky McCarthy, Shawn McCarthy, Jen Meggos, Kara Morrissey, Randy Riley, Jen Robinson, Jennifer Sunnquist, Shirley Tully and Meganne Wecker.
Thank you to the Fun Run chair Sarah Houlihan on her amazing job with Fun Run.  In addition, we have yet to thank the volunteers that assisted with the run, namely Leigh Anne Larsen, Emily Norton, Kelly Rakers, Allison Olszta, Liz Rossi, Melissa Coniaris, Lynn Graham, Sabrina Gagnon, Jennifer Robinson, Rachael Weninger, Megan Skarr, Mandi Cosenza, Heather Paulis, and Melissa Poirer.  Also, thank you to all the teachers and staff that helped with this event!
Thank you to the Kickbowl Chair, Melissa Poirier and her committee Jen Klemz, Ashley Esko, Jess Flanagan and Kelly Rakers for their hard work organizing this fun event.  Also a big thank you to Mike Puzen for being the MC and all of our volunteer umpires!
Thank you to the PLAY! at Pierce Committee for their tireless efforts in fundraising to help PD obtain new playground equipment.  The PD community truly appreciates all the work you do!
A HUGE thank you to all of the co-chairs and committees that were involved in so many of our special events this year.  We were delighted to see so many of them return after a few years without. We look forward to adding VIP Day, Donut Day, and the Variety Show to name a few for next year! So many hours went into preparing these events and we truly appreciate all that you do!
And finally, a huge thank you to our outgoing PTA Board Member – Victoria Jacknow. We all appreciate the many years you served Pierce Downer on the PTA Board!
We wish all of our PD community a safe and relaxing summer!

Save the Dates –

6/8 – 6th grade breakfast – 9am
6/8 – 6th grade clap out – immediately after breakfast
6/29 – New Family Playdate
8/23 – Back to School Party
For more information on school or PTA activities please visit the school web site or PTA website. Also please subscribe to the PTA calendar. For even more information on community events and activities please check out the District’s e-fliers  page.