Classroom Volunteer Signup 2019-20

As mentioned at Curriculum Night, we are using an online system for parents to volunteer for classroom parties and Art Awareness.  Starting today, you may sign up via the SignUp website. A few points about this automated system:

  • Once you click on the Sign Up link below, select your desired classroom, then enter your email address.  Note:  Sign Up does not share email addresses;  this allows them to send out an automated reminder prior to the event.  You are now at the main screen where you can view positions by month (simply click on the tab for Sept 2019, Oct 2019, etc.).  Position descriptions will provide details such as event, date & time, quantity, and what is expected of the volunteer.
  • Be sure to “Confirm Your Spot(s)” before closing the web page.
  • It is easier to view and navigate Sign Up on a full-screen computer.  The mobile browser works, but it is a little harder to move between months, and it will not show the names of other volunteers (critical if you plan to work with a friend on Art Awareness, for example).
  • In order to ensure parents have equal opportunities to volunteer, parents may only sign up for one classroom party per year for each child.  This limit will be lifted 24 hours after the sign up is released.  After noon on Saturday, September 7th, parents may sign up for additional parties if available.  There is no limit for Art Awareness sign ups. You may sign up for as many as you would like.
  • For more details about our Classroom Party format and guidelines, click here.
  • For a complete description of Art Awareness, click on Art Awareness Program. You can also view lessons on our website at The password to view lessons is- AA2018 Keep in mind that an Art Awareness lesson can be held at any time during your designated month, on a day/time that is mutually agreeable for the parent volunteer(s) and classroom teacher.  Exception: 1st and 5th Grades run art immersions on pre-determined dates.  Please sign up for 1st and 5th Grades only if you can commit to the exact date and time listed on Sign Up.
Thank you for volunteering!  We could not run these wonderful programs without the help of our PD parents.  If you have any questions, please email Jennifer Klemz at or