Executive Board Members

2017-18 Pierce Downer PTA Executive Board Members are:

Colleen Loftus

Co-President: Colleen Loftus – pdptapresident@gmail.com

Co-President: Mariah Cameron – pdptapresident@gmail.com

Anu Fisher

Co-Treasurer: Anu Fisher – pdptatreasurer@gmail.com

Co-Treasurer: Meeta Sinnappan – pdptatreasurer@gmail.com

Kristen France

VP of Operations: Kristen France – pdvpoperations@gmail.com

Lora Dominow

VP of Fundraising: Lora Dominow – pdvpfundraising@gmail.com

Jennie Amidei

VP of Academic Enrichment:  Jennie Amidei – pdvpacademics@gmail.com

Bethany Keown

VP of Social Activities: Bethany Keown – pdvpsocial@gmail.com


Secretary: Stephanie Vroman –secretarypdpta@gmail.com

Principal:  Christine Clavenna – cclavenna@dg58.org